The new Transport Hub in Legionowo is now open

Local news, 06.10.2016

On 11 September, a new Transport Hub was opened in Legionowo near Warsaw, improving the quality and operational effectiveness of the local and regional public transport system. Switzerland provided 85% of the total cost of the investment, which has been the largest in Legionowo’s history.

A new Transport Hub was opened in Legionowo near Warsaw UM Legionowo

The new multifunctional railway station brings together rail transport with local and regional bus lines. It also includes two Park & Ride facilities and a modern electronic Passenger Information System. The building hosts a large public library with a new multimedia section.

Legionowo is a fast growing town of more than 50'000 inhabitants, located 20 km to the north of Poland’s capital Warsaw. Legionowo is also the largest station outside of Warsaw on the rail line linking the Okecie Airport with the Modlin Airport. The aim of the project was to build an integrated rail and bus station, fully equipped with an electronic passenger information system and with convenient multi-level parking lots to attract passengers and trigger change in travel preferences from cars to public transport.

Daily, 22,000 cars pass through Legionowo carrying commuters to Warsaw. The average cost for residents commuting by private car is 600 PLN per month. Commuters can spend as much as 3 hours a day on travel to and from Warsaw alone. By switching to trains, the commute is reduced to 35 minutes one way and the costs decrease to 160 PLN for an open train ticket for unlimited journeys.

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