From the Alps to the Rockies - S2 Ep10: Sergio Savoia, Speaking Swiss Italian

Friday, 22.10.2021 – Friday, 31.12.2021

Sergio Savoia - Speaking Swiss Italian
Sergio Savoia - Speaking Swiss Italian © Sergio Savoia / CG Vancouver

Parli Svizzero?

Italian is one of Switzerland's four national languages. But Swiss Italian has its own characteristics and expressions that are unique, astonishing and often quite different from standard Italian spoken in Italy.
Sergio Savoia, Ticinese and radio host, has co-written a book called "Lo Svizzionario" on the particularities of Italian spoken in Switzerland. In today's episode, he takes us on a linguistic journey through the South of Switzerland.

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This episode is part of the Settimana della lingua italiana nel mondo 2021.