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Insight into Swiss energy management and renewable energies for the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy

17.07.2024 — Article Schweizer Beitrag
At the end of May, SECO organized a study visit to Bern and Western Switzerland for Slovenian experts in the area of environment, energy and climate. Thanks to exchanges with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the canton of Vaud, and the municipality of Saint-Prex (VD), the delegation gained important insights into local energy networks, their digitalization, and new energy planning tools at all administrative levels. The visit to Agroscope and the Solberry berry farm also provided an opportunity to learn about existing Swiss agri-photovoltaic systems in a scientific and agricultural context and to establish important contacts for future cooperation.

Second Swiss contribution, migration framework credit: Implementation agreement with Italy signed

17.05.2024 — Press releases Europa
On 17 May in Rome, Switzerland and Italy signed an agreement on the implementation of projects under the second Swiss contribution to the migration framework credit. CHF 20 million has been earmarked to fund the accommodation and care of unaccompanied minor asylum seekers in Italy. This is a further Swiss contribution to addressing migration in Europe. The agreement was signed by State Secretary Christine Schraner Burgener and the Italian head of cabinet of the Ministry of the Interior, Maria Teresa Sempreviva.

Swiss-Polish Research and Innovation Programme

14.05.2024 — Article Schweizer Beitrag
The Swiss-Polish Research and Innovation Programme in the framework of the Second Swiss Contribution provides 41 million Swiss francs for scientists and the opportunity to cooperate with world-class researchers. Calls for basic and applied research open now!

State Secretary Martina Hirayama visits Poland with science delegation

11.04.2024 — Press releases Europa
On 9 and 10 April, Martina Hirayama, State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation (ERI), met with Polish government representatives in Warsaw. She opened the kick-off event of the Polish-Swiss research and innovation programme. The visit to Warsaw will strengthen bilateral relations between Switzerland and Poland in the ERI sector.

The new Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme has been launched

13.12.2023 — Article Schweizer Beitrag
The Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme as part of the Swiss Contribution to selected EU member states, was officially launched in Warsaw on 12 December 2023. Over 300 representatives from Polish towns, the research and innovation community, civil society and the private sector attended the event.

Closing Conference of the Croatian-Swiss Research Programme in Zagreb

23.10.2023 — Article Schweizer Beitrag
On 19 October, the closing conference of the Croatian-Swiss Research Programme (CSRP), organised by the Croatian Science Foundation HRZZ, took place in Zagreb. The CSRP initiative aims to promote scientific cooperation between Switzerland and Croatia and is in implementation from 2017 until the end of 2023.

All implementation agreements signed, first projects launched

19.09.2023 — Article Schweizer Beitrag
Switzerland and Slovakia have signed the bilateral agreement on 19 September 2023 on the implementation of the second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. Switzerland has thus signed the bilateral implementation agreements for the cohesion part with all partner countries of the second Swiss contribution. The implementation phase now follows.

Greater cooperation with Slovakia

19.09.2023 — Press releases Europa
Switzerland and Slovakia have signed a bilateral agreement on 19 September 2023 on the implementation of the second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. Switzerland will support programmes in Slovakia in the areas of vocational training, sustainable tourism and healthcare amounting to CHF 44.2 million. This means that all 13 bilateral implementation agreements for the second Swiss contribution to strengthen cohesion are under wraps.

Ignazio Cassis signs agreement in Slovenia on implementation of second Swiss contribution

28.08.2023 — Press releases EDA
During a visit to Slovenia, Federal Councillor Ignazio Cassis, head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), today signed an agreement on the implementation of Switzerland's second contribution in Ljubljana. The agreement provides for the financing of projects aimed at improving Slovenia's energy efficiency and developing its renewable energy resources. Mr Cassis also attended the Bled Strategic Forum, where he took part in a panel discussion on the future of multilateralism.

Cultural mediators to support the Italian police and migration authorities

21.08.2023 — Local news Schweizer Beitrag
In 2023, Italy has been facing a high number of disembarkations. In order to facilitate communication between migrants, police and migration authorities, Italy works together with cultural mediators. Switzerland finances the deployment of cultural mediators with the Rapid Response Fund of the Second Swiss Contribution.

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Switzerland’s enlargement contribution rated highly

21.03.2016 — Press releases EDA
An independent evaluation has confirmed the federal authorities responsible have achieved good results in implementing Switzerland’s enlargement contribution to the new EU member states. The in-depth assessment showed that the projects, of which there are some 300, are making a positive contribution towards promoting social and economic development in the 13 partner states. The objectives are being attained or even exceeded in the vast majority of projects. Various recommendations encourage further efficiency and greater thematic and geographic focus.

Swiss-EU relations at the focus of visit to Malta and Slovakia by the head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

09.03.2016 — Press releases EDA
The head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), Didier Burkhalter, met with his Maltese counterpart George W. Vella on Wednesday in Valletta. The two foreign ministers mainly discussed the issue of Switzerland's relationship with the European Union (EU) and the political situation in the Mediterranean region. The Federal Councillor then gave a speech at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies on mediation and Switzerland's policy of providing good offices.

Preventing financial crime and attracting investors

23.02.2016 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

Estonia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic have completed their projects in the area of financial reporting, improving their application of international standards in financial reporting and auditing. The improved quality, transparency and comparability of their financial reporting is creating a better environment for the private sector.

Basel Trams for Sofia

Old tram in the Bulgarian capital Sofia

10.12.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

Most of the trams in the Bulgarian capital Sofia date back to Soviet times and so need replacing. As Basel is renewing its fleet of trams, the Basel transport operators have 28 modern and well maintained trams that are no longer needed. The cost of sending these trams to Bulgaria is being met by the enlargement contribution.

Successful end to energy projects in Slovenia

Simonetta Sommaruga with Janez Fajfar, mayor of Bled, Alenka Smerkolj, Minister for Development and Cohesion, and Rok Šimenc, Director of BSC Kranj, at the wrap-up event for the REAAL project.

30.09.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

Slovenia received CHF 22 million as part of Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU. Almost half of this was devoted to two projects relating to renewable energies and sustainable energy use.  The projects raised awareness of these issues among around 5,000 teachers and students, and 41 schools are now heated using renewable energies. The successful end of the project to promote environmentally friendly energy for the Slovenian Alps was celebrated on 16 September 2015 in the presence of President of the Swiss Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga.

Sciex research programme comes to an end

a female researcher in a laboratory

28.09.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

The closing ceremony of the Sciex scholarship programme was held on 25 September 2015. Thanks to this programme, more than 500 doctoral and post-doctoral students could visit Switzerland for a limited period to conduct and expand their research. 

SDC Director-General Manuel Sager visits Poland

Mr Sager, project partners, regional authorities in Poland

21.09.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

From 14 to 17 September SDC Director-General Manuel Sager visited Poland, where he attended a conference on Switzerland's contribution to the enlarged EU. The visit was also an opportunity to meet with colleagues from the Swiss contribution office and with project partners, and to visit various projects in the field.

Enhanced security at Hungarian courts

State Secretary Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen in front of a walk-through metal detector

18.08.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

Switzerland is improving security at Hungarian courts all over the country with a contribution of CHF 4.2 million. Security checks at the entrances to courthouses are now state of the art, with 104 new walk-through metal detectors and 45 X-ray scanners. Innovative IT solutions now also allow secure and reliable electronic access to court files and central databases.

Malta: Completion of the projects

Young men and women from North African and the Middle East

24.07.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

The installation of a modern tomograph in the public hospital in Malta affords access to improved cancer diagnosis for the general public. In addition, 60 young diplomats from North Africa and the Middle East have deepened their knowledge of human rights, governance and democracy in the master's degree programme offered at the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC). These are the results of the two projects in Malta that are completed now.

Bilateral framework agreement signed with Croatia

The Swiss ambassador to Croatia, Stefan Estermann, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Branko Grčić.

30.06.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

On 30 June 2015 Switzerland and Croatia signed a bilateral framework agreement regulating the implementation of Switzerland's CHF 45 million enlargement contribution to Croatia. The projects supported by the enlargement contribution aim to reduce economic and social disparities in Croatia.

Contribution to the enlarged EU: signing of bilateral framework agreement with Croatia

30.06.2015 — Press releases EDA
On 30 June 2015 in Zagreb, Switzerland and Croatia signed the bilateral framework agreement which regulates the substance and implementation of the Swiss enlargement contribution to Croatia. Switzerland has allocated CHF 45 million to support projects in Croatia, in particular in the fields of water treatment, supply of drinking water, research and vocational education and training.

State Secretary in the Baltic states

22.05.2015 — Article Schweizer Beitrag

State Secretary Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch travelled to the Baltic states from 18 to 22 May. Her itinerary included three projects that Switzerland is supporting through its enlargement contribution.

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