Polish-Swiss Research Programme

Project completed

Under the Polish Swiss Research Programme, Switzerland contributes to enhancing Polish economic competitiveness by strengthening capacity in research. Swiss and Polish research
institutions develop and implement joint research activities in the field of health, environment, ICT, renewable energy sources
and nanotechnology.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Promoting economic growth and improving working conditions
Research and Development
01.10.2009 - 14.06.2017
CHF  18’000’000

The research system in Poland is suffering from shortcomings in resource mobilisation and in knowledge management -demand, production and sharing. Polish research institutions are not sufficiently involved in programmes of the European Research Area. The overall level of internationalization of Polish research shall be involved. Only 2% of the overall budget for
science and research goes towards domestically-driven international cooperation. Outdated equipment, a lack of laboratory supplies and ineffective organization of the research process make a career in science unappealing to young polish researchers.


The overall objective of the Polish-Swiss Research Programme is to establish and strengthen long-term cooperation between Polish and Swiss researchers focusing primarily on selected research topics: Information and Communication Technologies, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnologies, Health and Environment.

Target groups

Research units and - institutions in Poland


First, a call for joint research project proposals is launched. The best projects will be selected. The selected joint research projects will then be implemented by Polish and Swiss researchers.


Achieved results:  

  • In total 31 joint research projects supported
  • 79 research teams from 49 different institutions implemented the research projects
  • The projects have been implemented by 535 scientists from Poland and Switzerland
  • 31 persons from Poland and Switzerland obtained a doctoral degree
  • 609 scientific articles were published
  • 22 patents applications were submitted
  • About 130 innovations/discoveries in fields such as ICT, Energy, Nanotechnology, health, environment
  • Altogether 1370 presentations were given at external events (e.g. confernces) and internal events (e.g. seminars, workshops) by the scientists of the programme
  • Scientific research infrastructure (instruments, equipment for laboratories, etc.) for a total value of 9.9 Million PLN purchased

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU
Project partners Contract partner
Foreign state institution
  • National State Institute North

Other partners

Executing Agency: Information Processing Centre (IPC)

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    18’000’000 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    18’000’000
Project phases Phase 2 01.01.2012 - 14.06.2017   (Completed)

Phase 1 01.10.2009 - 14.06.2017   (Completed)