"Let me tell you a story" in Bhutan

Saturday, 01.01.2022 – Monday, 03.01.2022

“Let me tell you a story” – A unique project launched as part of the Swiss It! initiative entailed a series of story writing and illustrating workshops for children in  Bhutan. The workshops culminated in launching an e-book of stories written and illustrated by Bhutanese children. The book will be launched in a special film, along with the message of the Ambassador Dr. Ralf Heckner, heralding the beginning of 2022. This special film  along with two most popular children’s films “Heidi” and “Schellen-Ursli” will be broadcasted on Bhutan National Television Channel 2 on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd January. 

Access the e-book.

Location: Online and Bhutan National Television