Switzerland is well positioned to make a difference in the health sector. The health outcomes aim to improve the health of vulnerable people living in the rural areas of Mozambique.

At the national level, we will lead the finalisation of a revised Memorandum of Understanding between development partners and the Ministry of Health. The aim with this is to strengthen the cooperation among actors giving health sector support. We also want to see our interventions contribute to the policy dialogue on reaching better effectiveness within the national health system. This links to our intentions of promoting investment to improve local health care services.  We would like to see improved capability to deliver equitable, efficient and integrated basic health services with good quality for everybody.

At the local level, we will contribute to improved health of vulnerable people living in rural areas by supporting supply and creating demand. We will achieve this through a new multi-sectoral approach to health and its determinants (water and sanitation). To influence access to and the quality of health and water and sanitation services, we will empower communities. Targeting especially women and young people such support will make them more knowledgeable and confident in claiming their rights.

Health Outcome 1: Sub-national systems deliver more equitable, efficient and integrated health, including water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), basic services of high quality that respond to the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged population.

Health Outcome 2: Rural communities in the Northern provinces are able to voice their needs and rights, and demand accountability from local governments and basic service providers.

Read more in the Swiss Cooperation Strategy Mozambique 2017-2020 (PDF, 2.2 MB, English)