Swiss Cooperation Office in Pakistan

In December 2019, after more than 53 years, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) closed its bilateral and humanitarian aid programme in Pakistan. From 1963 to 2019, Switzerland invested over 695 million CHF as official development assistance. During the last 10 years, SDC invested over CHF 155 million focusing on the North Western regions (KP and FATA) on water, local governance, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), school reconstruction after natural disasters (earthquake/floodings), and support for Afghan refugees, including protection. Switzerland will remain present in Pakistan through its Embassy and its availability in case of major events through the Swiss Humanitarian Aid is ensured.

In order to share the knowledge of its experiences in Pakistan, SDC uploaded relevant documents, which are available also for interested people outside the Department of Foreign Affairs by following this link:

Experiences of SDC in Pakistan (for access, an approval is required)

Results of SDC Pakistan are highlighted in the SDC Annual Report 2019 as well under the following link:

SDC Annual Report 2019