Registration of marriage and same sex civil partnership

To register either a marriage or a same sex civil partnership in Switzerland or abroad, your main point of reference is the registry office in which you have decided to celebrate the marriage or conclude your same sex civil partnership. It is normally this office that decides what documents are required to mark this civil status event.

List of registry offices in Switzerland (de, fr, it)

You are advised nonetheless to learn in advance about the formalities involved and the civil status documents that may have to be prepared prior to the celebration of a civil status event. These advance steps will facilitate matters when it comes to entering your marriage or same sex civil partnership in the Swiss civil status register (Infostar).

Registration of marriage or same sex civil partnership celebrated in the UK

Marriages or same sex civil partnerships concluded in the United Kingdom are recognised in Switzerland on condition that there is no impediment to the marriage under Swiss law.

In order that your marriage or same sex civil partnership can be registered, please find further information in the leaflet marriage and civil partnership.

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Leaflet marriage and civil partnership (PDF, 194.4 kB, English)

Questionnaire marriage (PDF, 169.6 kB, multilingual: French, Italian, English, German)

Questionnaire civil partnership (PDF, 257.3 kB, multilingual: English, French, Italian, German)

Statutory declaration PRIOR to marriage or civil partnership (PDF, 226.9 kB, multilingual: English, French, German)

Statutory declaration AFTER marriage (PDF, 227.2 kB, multilingual: English, French, German)

Matrimonial rights and duties in Switzerland (PDF, 532.5 kB, multilingual: English, French, Italian, German)

If prior to the marriage or registered partnership your Swiss spouse or partner was not resident in the consular district of the Swiss representation, and plans to take up residence with you following the said civil status event, he or she will have to register in accordance with the application procedure described under the heading “Registration and change of address”.

Registration and deregistration, change of address

Marriage or civil partnership in Switzerland

If you are registered with a Swiss representation and have married or entered into a registered partnership in Switzerland you will need to report your change in civil status to the representation concerned so that the register of the Swiss Abroad can be updated. This will require submission of the following documents (as hard copy or in electronic form):

  • photocopy of the Swiss marriage certificate, Swiss family record or Swiss registered partnership document;
  • photocopy of the identity document of the foreign spouse or partner.

There is no fee for the registration in question.