South of the Sahara

The different realities and challenges in the sub-Saharan Africa region require international cooperation that is contextualised and adaptable. The International Cooperation Strategy 2021–24 focuses on four priority areas: employment, migration, climate change and the rule of law. In these areas, Switzerland is implementing wide-ranging and cross-thematic projects in the sub-Saharan Africa region. 

The picture shows a man standing in front of a water canal in the blazing sun.
Switzerland promotes the construction and maintenance of critical facilities along Horn of Africa trade corridors. © SDC

Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in natural resources. Effective management and distribution of these resources can open up significant opportunities for job creation, value addition and investment in human development.

With a very young population, sub-Saharan Africa has great potential. By 2050, half of the region's population will be under the age of 25.

With one of the world's largest emerging free trade areas and a market of over one billion people, the region has the potential for further economic development.