Five framework credits

The volume of commitments proposed by the Federal Council for the five framework credits over four years amounts to CHF 11,11 billion.

In February 2011, Parliament decided to increase its official development assistance (ODA) to 0.5% of gross national income (GNI). This level was reached in 2015. Under the expenditure stabilisation programme decided by the Federal Council for the period from 2017 to 2019, Switzerland’s ODA will be slightly lower according to current estimates, at around 0.48% of GNI. This remains short of the 0.7% target set by the UN and recognised by Switzerland.

Switzerland’s International Cooperation in 2017–2020
Framework credits Means
in CHF millions
Humanitarian Aid (SDC) 2060.00
Technical cooperation and financial aid for developing countries (SDC) 6635.00
bilateral 3870.00
multilateral 2765.00
Economic and trade policy measures for development cooperation (SECO) 1140.00
Transition cooperation in Eastern Europe (SDC, SECO) 1040.00
SDC 704.00
SECO 336.00
Measures to promote peace and human security (HSD) 230.00
Dispatch 2017–2020