Good governance

The SDC is committed to ensuring that public services are performed competently in the interests of all citizens, which means addressing key issues such as decentralisation, democratisation, corruption, natural resources and human rights.

¿What does good governance mean?

Good governance means performing public services competently for the benefit of all citizens. The SDC is committed to promoting good governance.


While the majority of national policies are implemented at local level, the necessary expertise and resources are not always available. The SDC seeks to remedy this situation.


Promoting democratic values is essential to establishing fully inclusive governance systems. Promoting democracy is a foreign policy priority for Switzerland.

Fighting corruption

Corruption disproportionately affects poor and vulnerable communities. The SDC is determined to combat corruption.

Natural resources and development

Natural resources can be used to alleviate traditional forms of poverty, but many countries fail to take this step. The SDC aims to address this problem.

Human rights

Sustainable development can only be accomplished if human rights principles are respected. The promotion of human rights is therefore a key issue for the SDC.