Breakfast with Journalists at the Vilnius Maternity House

Press release, 16.01.2014

Swiss - Lithuanian Health Programme

On January 16, the Lithuanian Ministry of Health in collaboration with project partners under the Swiss - Lithuanian Health Program held a press conference - Breakfast with Journalists at the Vilnius Maternity House.

During the event, Lithuanian Health Minister Paul Vytenis Andriukaitis and Swiss Ambassador Markus N. P. Dutly visited the hospital in Vilnius. The director of the hospital Cornelia Mačiulienė briefed both high officials about the progress of the porgramme at the Maternity House.

Virginija Ambrazevičienė, Head of International Projects Management Division at the Ministry of Health of Lithuania, presented to the media representatives the Swiss - Lithuanian Cooperation Program Health, and its results so far achieved.
Vilnius Maternity House is only one of the 24 Swiss-Lithuanian Health program participants, under which Switzerland has granted to Lithuania over CHF 45 million. The purpose of this support is to improve the quality and accessibility of perinatal and neonatal services and reduce the disparities between regional and urban hospitals. The program is divided into two segments:

I. Improvement of perinatal and neonatal health care services in Lithuania

(Swiss support CHF 26.6 m)

The expected results of this segment include:
- 24 hospitals equipped with the necessary modern medical equipment for providing high quality perinatal and neonatal care services
- vehicles with special equipment for safe transportation of neonates provided for 3 health care institutions providing medical care to premature neonates and the services of neonatal reanimation and intensive treatment
- 70 guidelines and protocols of diagnostics and treatment in obstetrics and neonatology
- professional competence and modern usage skills of not less than 1300 health care specialists
- computer database of pregnant women, delivering women and newborn babies’ health data for statistics and data analysis

II. Introduction of energy efficient technologies into 21 Lithuanian hospital providing perinatal and neonatal health care services

(Swiss support CHF 19.0 m)

The expected results of this segment include installed and operational:
- thermal insulation
- energy efficient engineering systems
- microclimate improvement engineering systems
- rehabilitated and modernized vacuum and oxygen supply systems

The event stirred high media interest as well as reflection in various media channels in Lithuania.
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