New agreements

The package approach not only refers to institutional solutions, but also includes a whole range of elements. This allows for a broad balance of interests and offers better prospects for success in negotiations with the EU. Among other things, the package contains three new agreements in which Switzerland is interested: on electricity, food safety and health. 

The electricity agreement is intended to allow Switzerland unhindered participation in the EU's single market in this area. It will play an important role in helping to meet the challenges of stabilising and securing the electricity supply. This will create new trading opportunities and better exploit the potential of Swiss hydropower.

The agreement on food safety will give Switzerland access to EU-wide early warning systems and risk assessments as well as to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This agreement is also a single market agreement. It will improve market access by reducing trade barriers and enhance consumer protections. Agricultural policy and the existing border protections for agricultural products (tariffs and quotas) are not affected by this agreement.

The health agreement is intended to improve crisis prevention in the healthcare sector. It will ensure continuous cooperation and permanent access to the EU's arrangements for dealing with cross-border health threats.