Swiss contribution

As part of the package approach, the aim is to create the basis for a regular contribution by Switzerland to reducing economic and social disparities in the EU. Stability and cohesion in Europe are also in Switzerland's interests. Among other things, they are important prerequisites for the proper functioning of the single market. 

Since 2007, Switzerland has participated in the efforts to reduce economic and social disparities in the EU and to manage migration flows. This is an investment in security and prosperity in Europe.

The solution put forward during the exploratory talks envisages the negotiation of a legally binding mechanism for regular contributions. The exact features of this mechanism were not defined however, nor the specificities of the next Swiss contribution, i.e. duration, amount, partner countries or thematic priorities. All of these issues will be addressed during the negotiations with the EU. 

Factsheet: Package approach (PDF, 1 Page, 220.6 kB, English)

Swiss contribution to selected EU member states