Institutional agreement

The flags of Switzerland and the European Union as a jigsaw puzzle.
With an institutional agreement, the Federal Council intends to create the foundations for the consolidation and the development of the bilateral approach. © FDFA

Switzerland has negotiated an institutional agreement with the EU in order to consolidate and develop Swiss-EU bilateral relations. The Federal Council considers the draft agreement to be largely in Switzerland’s interest. The government has, however, engaged in domestic clarifications on wage and worker protection, state aid and the EU Citizens' Rights Directive. In November 2020, the Federal Council determined its position and resumed contact with the EU.

The European Union (EU) is by far Switzerland’s most important partner in many areas, particularly in the economic area. Today, around 51% of all Switzerland’s exports go to the EU and about 69% of all its imports come from the EU.

Information and explanatory documents on the institutional agreement

Outcome of the consultations on the draft text of the institutional agreement


  • 2020 The Federal Council defines its position (11 November)
  • 2019 Report on the consultations is approved, Federal Council demands clarifications (7 June)
  • 2018 Clarification of the negotiation mandate by the Federal Council (2 March)
  • 2014 Start of the negotiations (22 May) Adoption of the negotiating mandate by the Council of the EU (6 May)
  • 2013 Adoption of the negotiating mandate by the Federal Council (18 December)

Status November 2020