The tasks of the Embassy

As the official representation of Switzerland in Bangladesh, the Embassy of Switzerland covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations, consular services and international cooperation between the two countries. It represents Swiss interests in the areas of political, economic and financial affairs, development cooperation and humanitarian aid, visa and consular services, legal arrangements, science, education, media and culture.

Through the promotion of good governance, rule of law, human rights and ease of doing business, Switzerland partners with Bangladesh on its path towards a stable, just and prosperous future that leaves no one behind. We contribute to a cohesive society that provides dignity and equal opportunities for all, and an enabling environment for young change-makers. With improved macroeconomic structures, we support Bangladesh’s integration into the global economy, upholding international environmental, social and governance standards. We work towards climate change adaptation and mitigation to sustain livelihoods and enhance social wellbeing. To this end, the Embassy cooperates closely with the Government of Bangladesh, as well as business and civil society actors, development partners, missions of international organizations and Embassies of other foreign countries represented in Bangladesh.

Political relations are continuously strengthened and expanded through bilateral exchanges and regular political consultations between representatives of both governments. Switzerland and Bangladesh also closely collaborate in international and multilateral organizations, including in the areas of peace and security, migration and climate change. Swiss interests in the areas of security policy, military and defence relations are promoted through the Defence Attaché accredited in Bangladesh and based at the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi, India.

In the economic domain, the Embassy supports Swiss businesses in Bangladesh and promotes bilateral trade and investment. It establishes contacts with and among Swiss businesses and provides them with general information and legal advice concerning Bangladesh’s economy and business environment. It works closely with the Swiss-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries as well as other relevant business associations and government entities to facilitate and promote bilateral trade and investment.

The Embassy implements in the country Switzerland’s International Cooperation Strategy 2021-2024 through its Bangladesh Country Programme. It joins forces with government entities, NGOs, the academic and private sectors as well as other development partners to implement projects and programmes in the areas of international cooperation and humanitarian aid. To this end, the Embassy also operates out of a Project Office in Cox’s Bazaar.

Visa and consular services are provided by the Embassy’s chancery, who also maintains close contacts to the Swiss citizens living in Bangladesh. 

In the areas of science, technology and education, the Embassy fosters collaboration between relevant actors with the aim of strengthening research and innovation cooperation. It also supports Swiss students in the host country and promotes opportunities for qualified students from Bangladesh to study and do research in Switzerland.

In terms of public diplomacy, the Embassy promotes understanding and exchange between Switzerland and Bangladesh, by strengthening contacts between artists, journalists as well as cultural and media organisations, supporting and organising events and providing support to Swiss artists and journalists who want to work or promote their work in Bangladesh. The Embassy communicates with the wider audience on its social media channels.