In line with the FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors to increase external transparency about the partnerships entered into by Switzerland’s embassies and consulates abroad, we are providing a list of the current-year sponsorship partners and the corresponding events.

The Embassy of Switzerland has been implementing the thematic series "Switzerland: traditionally innovative" since 2019. The aim is to address common Swiss clichés and illuminate them from a new, innovative perspective. The motto for 2019 was "So ein Käse". Since July 2021, we have been shining a spotlight on the product diversity and innovative strength of the Swiss textile industry under the title "Wir sind mehr als Spitze". The Embassy enters into sponsorship partnerships of varying scope as part of these theme years.

The Embassy in Berlin, the Consulates General in Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart and the Swiss Business Hub in Stuttgart have not yet received any sponsorship contributions in 2023 (last update 23.05.2023).


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