Swiss clubs provide opportunities to exchange views with other people. At events connected with Switzerland (e.g. the national day on 1 August) it is possible to meet some of your fellow Swiss neighbours. Such meetings are a good opportunity to share experiences in the country of posting and learn useful information.

Contact the clubs directly to find out about membership and their current programme.

In addition, you can use the freely accessible " - the platform for Swiss Abroad" to network with Swiss abroad in Greece and around the world.
• Find and exchange current information, news and events.
• Discuss, ask questions and get answers.
• Explore Switzerland.

Annual Meeting of the Ambassador with Former Greek Students (Alumni) in Switzerland

Generations of Greeks have studied in one of Switzerland‘s ten cantonal Universities, two Federal Institutes of Technology or in one of its renowned Hospitality Management Schools. Many have been organised in the various Greek student associations in Switzerland, such as:

Hellenic Student Association of Zurich

Greek Students Association Lausanne (AEGEL)

Association of Greek Academics in Switzerland

With the aim to cultivate these precious contacts, the Swiss Embassy in Greece has created an Alumni Network. Since 2009, every year in spring a reception at the Ambassador’s residence is organised for those who completed all or a part of their education in Switzerland.

If you are eligible for the Swiss Embassy’s Alumni Network and would like to participate at this reception, or if you are already a member, but your contact details have changed, please complete the provided form (PDF, 1 Page, 342.7 kB) and send it to the Embassy's email address. This will help us to correctly identify you for the annual gathering.

Neue Helvetische Gesellschaft, Athens Group

If you would like to get to know your compatriots in Athens, one way to do this is to join our Group. We organise small festivals, film shows, conferences, etc. You can take a look at our programme by pressing on the following link:
Neue Helvetische Gesellschaft (NHG)

Address for further information:

Swiss Club Crete

Contact details:

Sylvie Zürcher Papadakis
700 11 Venerato / Crete
Phone: 2810 792 196, 6977 295 843

Swiss Circle Rhodes

Contact details: 

Denise Karagiannis
G. Efsathiou 8
851 00 Rhodes 
Phone: 22410 36 155

Ursula Paradissis
c/o Hellenic Island Services
Papalouka 31
851 00 Rhodes 
Phone (business): 22410 73 690 / 78 130 
Fax (business): 22410 78 131

Swiss Circle Thessalonika

Contact details:

Sylvia Fostiropoulou-Thommen 
Phone (business): 2310 237 564