Important Information

Current situation in Israel

The Embassy of Switzerland in Israel monitors the developments in the region closely. 

The development of the situation in Israel remains uncertain. Tensions are high and a significant deterioration of the security situation in Israel can occur at any time. Until further notice, tourist and other non-urgent travel to Israel is not recommended.

For Swiss citizens: Please follow the instructions of the local authorities, observe the FDFA Travel Advise and inform yourself about the current situation. Avoid demonstrations and large gatherings of any kind and follow the instructions of the local authorities ( the link only works in Israel). Limit travel within the country to a necessary minimum and clarify the security situation in advance.

The decision to leave a crisis region is an individual decision. It is made voluntarily, at your own risk and at your own expense. If you decide to leave the country, use available commercial transportation. For any information, contact the airlines directly.

The Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv is open and continues to provide its usual services and assistance. However, in the event of a deterioration of the situation, the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv has only limited capacity to provide services or emergency assistance.

To ensure communication, it is important that you keep your contact and travel details up to date on the FDFA Travel Admin App. For Swiss citizens abroad, the FDFA's Online Desk can be used for this purpose. In emergencies, affected people can contact the FDFA helpline: Tel. +41 800 24 7 365 or 800 24 7 365.