Agriculture and food security

Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua
Farmer working in a maize field in Nicaragua ©SDC

In many developing countries, agriculture plays a highly important role in terms of food security and is often a significant contributor to the national economy. By supporting farmers in the areas of production, marketing and the sustainable use of resources, the SDC is making a substantial contribution to poverty reduction.

The SDC's worldwide engagement

Agroforestry on sloping land and protection against erosion

The Sustainable Livelihood and Disaster Mitigation (SLDM) Programme puts a combination of food security and DRR coupled with agroforestry at the centre of its activities. This represents a continuation of SDC’s engagement on Sloping Land Management since 2015 with an inversed logic: while sustainable food security will remain important, redefining the priorities between livelihood, food security and DRR aims to increase the scope for communities and local authorities to work holistically towards sustaining the resources on which livelihoods depend.

Factsheet SLDM 2017 

10 Years of Sloping Land Management (PDF, 80 Pages, 4.8 MB, English)

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Link to the video "Trichogramma for maize pest control in the DPR of Korea: a development cooperation success story" by CABI. 


Swiss milk powder for mothers and children

The support to WFP with Swiss milk powder mixed into fortified biscuits for approx. 800’000 beneficiaries annually is sustained in order to combat malnutrition among mothers and children. Boosting antenatal nutrition and supplementing diets during infancy is an investment that pays off as these children will grow to become a healthier, more robust and more productive generation. Protection through presence and awareness-raising among officials who recognise their duty-bearing responsibilities towards the population in general will be central to the approach.

SDC Factsheet Dried Skimmed Milk (DSM) 2017

WFP Factsheet 2016

Switzerland's Support to WFP Operations in the DPR of Korea 2016 (PDF, 3 Pages, 597.0 kB)