Public holidays

The Cooperation Office will be closed on the following days in 2018
01.01.2018 Monday International New Year
02.01.2018 Tuesday New Year (Berchtoldstag)
08.03.2018 Thursday International Womens Day
13.04.2018 Friday Lao New Year Compensate
16.04.2018  Monday Lao New Year
17.04.2018 Tuesday Lao New Year Compensate
01.05.2018 Tuesday Inernational Labor Day
20.07.2018 Friday National Lao Women Union Day
01.08.2018 Wednesday Swiss National Day
25.10.2018 Thrusday Vientiane Boat Racing Festival
22.11.2018 Thursday That Luang Festival
03.12.2018 Monday Lao National Day Compensate
24.12.2018 Monday Christmast Eve 1/2 day
25.12.2018 Tuesday Christmas Day
26.12.2018 Wednesday Boxing Day (Stephanstag) 
31.12.2018 Monday International New Year's Eve 1/2 day