Public holidays


The Swiss Cooperation Office in Ulaanbaatar will be closed on the following holidays 

02.02.2022 Wednesday  White Moon (Tsagaan Sar) 
03.02.2022 Thursday White Moon (Tsagaan Sar) 
04.02.2022 Friday White Moon (Tsagaan Sar) 
08.03.2022  Tuesday Women's day
15.04.2022  Friday  Good Friday 
18.04.2022  Monday  Easter Monday 
01.06.2022 Wednesday Children's day
11.07.2022  Monday Naadam 
12.07.2022  Tuesday  Naadam 
13.07.2022 Wednesday Naadam   
14.07.2022 Thursday  Naadam  
15.07.2022 Friday Naadam  
01.08.2022 Monday Swiss National day  
26.12.2022 Monday Stephen's day  
29.12.2022 Thursday Independence day  
Official holidays