Travel within the Philippines, Palau, Micronesia or Marshall Islands

For all Swiss citizens planning to visit the Philippines, Palau or Micronesia, it is always recommended to consult the travel advice. Please note, however, that this site is only available in German, French and Italian.

Important information for the Philippines

New rules for unaccompanied foreign minors

Please note that the Bureau of Immigration has implemented stricter rules governing the entry into the Philippines of foreign minors who are not accompanied by their parents. Under the amended rules, an unaccompanied foreign minor shall be allowed entry only after the minor's guardian or representative pays a waiver fee of PHP 3'120.00. Immigration officers are also required to retain for safekeeping the minor's passport and a copy of the child's plane ticket.

Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG)

(to be completed prior to the arrival in the Philippines)

Non-Filipino children travellers arriving at any of the Philippine ports of entry, who are below fifteen (15) years of age and are not accompanied by or coming to join a parent in the Philippines, are required to apply for a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG), which shall be signed and approved by the Head Supervisor, Bureau of Immigration at the airport or port of entry. Following are the requirements for a WEG:

  • Application for WEG form - Use the prescribed application form and fill up completely.
  • Affidavit of consent - executed by either parent or legally appointed guardian of the child, naming therein the person who will accompany the child to the Philippines and with whom the child will reside in the country. This Affidavit must be executed before a Swiss Notary Public, authenticated/legalised by the Cantonal State Chancellery (kantonale Staatskanzlei), and presented to the Philippine Embassy in Berne for authentication.
  • Clear photocopy of the data page of the child's passport
  • Clear photocopy of the data page of the passport of the accompanying adult
  • Payment of immigration fees (Waiver Fee of PHP 3,120.00 to be paid by the accompanying adult to immigration officials upon arrival in the Philippines).

The passport will remain with the Bureau of Immigration until departure. The waiver may be granted immediately or after a few days.

In case of problems, please note that the Embassy of Switzerland can only provide limited assistance.

For further information, it is advisable to contact the Philippines Embassy of your country of residence.