Scientific and Technological Cooperation Programme Switzerland-Russia

The Federal Council approved the message Education, Research and Innovation ERI 2008-2011 on January 24th, 2007. Bilateral science and technology cooperation programme with priority countries has received for this time period a total budget of CHF 43 million dedicated to R&D. Of this amount, CHF 6.850 million are dedicated to bilateral scientific and technological cooperation with Russia.

In February 2007, the State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER), designated the University of Geneva as the Leading House (LH) and the EPFL as the Associated Leading House (ALH) for the implementation of the bilateral science and technology cooperation programme with Russia.

The State Secretariat, acting on behalf of the Federal Council, is currently conducting negotiations with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to finalise a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the fields of science and technology. To date, several consultations have taken place between the contracting parties. The last draft defines the objectives and instruments of cooperation as well as priority cooperation fields. It foresees the creation of a Russian-Swiss Joint Working Group responsible for the implementation of the cooperation strategy at the governmental level. The bilateral Agreement is expected to be signed in the coming months.

The following funding instruments are made available even before the signature of the bilateral agreement:

  • Faculty Exchange (FE):
    Submission deadline: to be defined
    Faculty Exchange 
  • Students Exchange (SE):
    Submission deadline: to be defined
    Students Exchange 
  • Utilisation of Specific Infrastructure (USI):
    Submission deadline: to be defined 
    Utilisation of Specific Infrastructure

  • Joint Research Projects (JRP) 
    Information on call for 2012 will be given in summer.

Please, note that Russian scientists may consider applying for the funding only on the following conditions:

  • availability of a Swiss partner
  • the application should be submitted by the Swiss partner

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