The Swiss Embassy at Almedalen

Thursday, 06.07.2017 – Thursday, 06.07.2017

Conference; Event accessible to journalists; Meeting of members of government and members of other authorities

During the Almedalen-week the Swiss Embassy organizes a language policy breakfast seminar together with the think tank Humtank, where Jörgen Tholin, University Director of the Gothenburg University, Åsa Fahlén, Chair of the Teachers' Union and Christian Schoenenberger, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Sweden participate.

Much indicates that the incentives to study languages ​​in primary and secondary schools need to be strengthened in Sweden. Can a national language strategy and mandatory courses be a possible way to address this problem?
With economically driven institutions of higher education, language education is removed due to low demand. Since 2012, the numbers of higher education institutions in Sweden, which teach German, have declined from 22 to 8. A drastic reduction has also taken place in other languages, which also affects teacher training and thus the supply of language teachers. In the EU, multilingualism is considered prerequisite for equality and tolerance and a necessity for a competitive and knowledge-based economy. A mandatory second foreign language is already introduced in several member countries. Switzerland also has long experience in promoting multilingualism and several good examples of successful strategies and tools. Should these examples be followed in Sweden?

The seminar is also webcasted. Please visit the official program of the Almedalen Week for more Information.

Location: Visby