The Embassy of Switzerland not only hosts interesting events but also guests throughout the year. Read here what our visitors and delegation members from Switzerland are coming to the United States for and what their main attention is dedicated to.

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Lessons on Infrastructure “Made in Switzerland”

Mr. Daniel Wiener, President of the Board of the Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation © Daniel Wiener

18.05.2017 — Local news United States of America

In April, we were visited by Daniel Wiener, President of the Board of the Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation. With over 30 years of experience in sustainable development, the economist and entrepreneur has found a new way to assess the quality of infrastructure by creating the GIB. The GIB Foundation is a nonprofit foundation located in Switzerland. Its goal is to promote sustainable and resilient infrastructure with a focus on developing countries. We are eager to share what we found out about the foundation’s work.

Swiss think tank foraus: “We’re not here to disrupt diplomacy: we think we can complement it.”

Nicola Forster © Nicola Forster

04.05.2017 — Local news United States of America

Nicola Forster, co founder of the international, Swiss-based think tank foraus, came to San Francisco last month to lead a Humanitarian Innovation Lab “Open Situation Room” workshop, with ICRC Communications Director Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, and to participate in a Global Pitch Night that evening. That event, organized with swissnex San Francisco and the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco, brought together teams from nine cities around the world that have been engaging independently with pressing humanitarian issues. It’s just another day at the office for Mr. Forster. Currently based in New York, he is often on the move between Geneva, Zürich, Berlin, Paris, and humanitarian hot spots around the world. We found a few minutes to debrief with him on foraus, bottom-up diplomacy, and hope for the future.

A Swiss Army knife for the OSCE?

The Swiss candidate, Ambassador Thomas Greminger © Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA

05.04.2017 — Local news United States of America

The question of how to create and ensure sustainable security worldwide became a popular topic of highest interest in Europe and the United States within the past few months. The discussion also evolves around the question of who contributes what and how much.

Tales From The Mountains with Caroline Fink

Movie director, Caroline Fink © Marco Volken

24.03.2017 — Local news United States of America

During the 2017 D.C. Environmental Film Festival (DCEFF) in Washington, D.C., we were honored to screen Swiss film director Caroline Fink’s latest documentary, "Aletsch — Of Ice and Men". With her background in sociology, German literature and photography, nothing seems to stop this Swiss mountaineer driven by nature and adventures.

The Jazz Pianist - Jason Moran

Jazz pianist Jason Moran

25.01.2017 — Local news United States of America

He has released eight albums, started a jazz magazine, a record label, and he is the artistic director of jazz at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.–and he’s 41 years young. Jason Moran is not only a highly successful jazz musician, but a passionate ambassador of the music itself. On the occasion of his concert at the Swiss Ambassador’s Residence, we had a chance to have a little chat with him.

Festival del film Locarno: Identity Defined by Diversity

Artistic director Carlo Chatrian on the Piazza Grande in Locarno

11.11.2016 — Local news United States of America

Locarno is not a big city—not even by Swiss standards. But every summer since 1946, Locarno turns into a big city, into a movie capital. For ten days, in ten different venues, movie directors, producers, actors and stars come together with movie lovers to experience the unique atmosphere of the Festival del film Locarno. The festival’s most prestigious venue is the Piazza Grande, the big square in the heart of Locarno that becomes a huge open-air venue with seats for 8,000 people with a screen as large as a three-story building. 

In 2016, the Festival del film Locarno series returned to the United States for the second time, screening movies in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta [link to our site]. On that occasion, Carlo Chatrian, artistic director of the Festival del film Locarno, visited the series in Washington, D.C. 

We took advantage of that opportunity to talk to him and learn more about the highly successful film festival in southern Switzerland.

Together Against Human Trafficking

Rebecca Angelini, head of Public relations and fundraising at FIZ

14.09.2016 — Local news United States of America

On September 13, 2016, the Embassy of Switzerland held a panel discussion on human trafficking in the age of the Internet and online communication in collaboration with the nonprofit nongovernmental organization Vital Voices and multinational technology giant Google. The discussion took place at Google headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Rebecca Angelini, head of public relations and fundraising at FIZ, a Swiss organization which provides advocacy and support for migrant women and victims of trafficking, took part in the discussion.

Insight into GCSP with Ambassador Dussey

Ambassador Christian Dussey, Director GCSP

11.07.2016 — Local news United States of America

International security challenges are constantly changing. As an international foundation located in Switzerland, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) tries to meet those challenges, create awareness and equip leaders from all over the world to face and deal with them. During his stay in Washington, D.C., Ambassador Christian Dussey, Director of the GCSP, explained the centre’s main task and objective.

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