You have adopted a child abroad and would like to know the administrative procedures for entering this event in the Swiss civil status register (Infostar).

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International Adoption

Adoptions abroad are normally recognised in Switzerland when pronounced in the country of residence or citizenship of the adopter or adopting spouses (Federal Act on Private International Law (PIL SR 291)).

Federal Act on Private International Law (SR 291) (de, fr, it)

Numerous countries have signed the Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (HCA-93; SR This Convention rules the cooperation between the relevant authorities of the country of origin of the child and of the receiving State.

Federal Office of Justice – The Hague Convention Intercountry Adoption (de, fr, it)

You will find some very useful information on the subject of international adoption on the webpage of the Federal Office of Justice.

Federal Office of Justice – International adoption

Documents required for registration in the Swiss civil status register

Adoptions carried out abroad within or outside the 1993 Hague Convention (HCA-93) are entered into the Swiss civil status register by decision of the competent cantonal civil status authority (Art. 32 IPLA and Art. 23 CivStO).

As a rule, the originals of the following adoption documents must be submitted to the Swiss representation with any necessary legalisations for forwarding to Switzerland:

  • birth certificate of the child before adoption
  • adoption decision mentioning the place where it was granted (if possible with a statement of enforceability)
  • birth certificate of the child after adoption
  • if applicable, certificate that the adoption was made in accordance with the provisions of the 1993 Hague Convention (HCA-93) within the meaning of Article 23 (“Certificate of Conformity of Intercountry Adoption”)

These documents are intended for the competent civil status authority and will not be returned.

Authorisation to enter Switzerland

The adopted child may require authorisation to enter Switzerland, for example because no Swiss passport can yet be issued to them as the adoption has not yet been entered in the Swiss civil status register; because they have become stateless (where the law of the child's country of origin provides for the loss of their original nationality following adoption); or because their original nationality is subject to an entry visa (where they still hold a valid foreign passport).

When full adoption of the child is granted to at least one Swiss parent in a contracting state of the HCA-93, in accordance with the procedure set out in the Convention, the central federal authority, i.e. the Federal Office of Justice, is the sole authority competent to give authorisation to issue a document allowing the child to enter Switzerland (Art. 10 HCAA).

As a rule, the cantonal migration authority is competent to decide on the granting of a visa or assurance of a residence permit to the child (Art. 8 AdO) in other situations.

Visa – Entry into and residence in Switzerland

In order to keep the family registers accurate and up-to-date, the Swiss authorities need to be informed about any changes in the civil status (birth, marriage, partnership, death and divorce) of Swiss citizens and dual nationals. When such changes occur, the persons concerned, or their nearest relatives, should send a complete and certified copy of the appropriate document/s (birth, death, marriage, partnership or divorce certificates) to the responsible Swiss representation.

Please note that these requirements are not set by the Swiss representations but by the respective cantonal offices in Switzerland. They make the final decisions whether the documents meet or do not meet the requirements.

Local and cantonal civil status authorities

Civil status changes (marital status, birth of children, death, name change, etc.) must be communicated to the Swiss authorities. Failure to provide accurate documentation may impede future administrative procedures with the Swiss authorities and even hinder the issuance of new identity documents, i.e. passports, etc.

Adoption (U.S. residents)

  • Additional Information for Birth Registration (PDF, 1 Page, 495.4 kB, English)
  • Certified final decree of adoption (not older than 6 months), showing the exact date when the judgment was entered into effect.
  • Original or certified copy of the birth certificate before the adoption (if available)
  • Certified birth certificate (not older than 6 months) after the adoption. The document has to show the exact place of birth (city) and names of the parents.
  • Copy of the child's passport indicating name after adoption (if available) 

Important: The documents will not be returned to you. Photocopies and documents certified by a notary public will not be accepted.