Pictures FAQ Switzerland's European policy

What is the package approach and what does it consist of? How does Schengen affect Switzerland's security? How does the institutional agreement relate to the free movement of persons? What are the consequences of Brexit for Switzerland?

Switzerland's relations with the EU are complex and extensive. The FAQs and answers make this easier to understand.

FAQ European policy

What is the difference between automatic and dynamic adoption of EU law? The FAQs on Switzerland's European policy give clear and concise answers to this and other interesting questions.

FAQ Schengen/Dublin

Is the Schengen visa also valid in Switzerland? What does the EU's firearms directive govern? In how many EU countries can a refugee seek asylum? These and other questions are answered in the FAQs on Schengen/Dublin.

FAQ Package approach

The package approach consists of several thematic elements, including new agreements and institutional solutions. The FAQs on the package approach answer the most important questions.