Do I need a Schengen visa?

My nationality Obligation to hold a visa (yes/no)
Austria  No 

Entry into Switzerland for Austrian citizens

As part of the visa-free traffic Austrian citizens are entitled to enter Switzerland for tourist reasons up to 90 days in a period of 180 days with the following travel documents:

  • valid passport or passport expired for less than five years
  • valid identity card

Attention: airlines as well as bus companies usually require valid travel documents.

Other nationalities

For other nationalities, please refer to the list on the webpage of the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

SEM – Overview of ID and visa provisions according to the nationality (Annex 1, List 1: nationality)

If you are obliged to hold a visa, please apply for it and refer to the information on the webpage:

Where to apply for a Schengen visa?

If you are not obliged to hold a visa, you are allowed to enter Switzerland resp. the Schengen territory and stay up to 90 days within a 180-day period without any visa.