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Cambodian mother with her child
Cambodian mother with her child © Ian Taylor

Support to Maternal & Child  Health

The Kantha Bopha pediatric hospitals were established in 1992 on the initiative of the Swiss medical doctor, Beat Richner. They make a major contribution to the improvement of the health of children and to public health generally in Cambodia. SDC began supporting five Kantha Bopha hospitals in 1994. Since then, the Kantha Bopha hospitals have treated more than one million children requiring hospitalization and more than 10 million children as outpatients.

SDC’s contribution to the Kantha Bopha hospitals is one of the largest financial contributions of SDC worldwide to a bilateral project, totaling almost CHF 40 million since 1994. In the context of health financing, SDC engages technically and in policy dialogue to ensure (financial) sustainability of the Kantha Bopha hospitals.

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Smiling mother and child in Nigeria
Smiling mother and child in Nigeria ©SDC/Olivier Lassen

The health gap between rich and poor continues to widen. In many parts of the world, the progress that has been achieved in public health over the years is being reversed.

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