The tasks of the embassy

As the official representation of Switzerland, the embassy covers all matters concerning diplomatic relations between the two countries. It represents Swiss interests in the areas of political, economic and financial affairs, legal arrangements, science, education and culture.

The embassy supports and promotes cooperation between authorities in Switzerland and the host country. In this respect, it fosters contact with the Office of the President, the Government and the different ministries as well as with the Croatian Parliament (Sabor). Further, the embassy maintains good relations not only with important regional authorities such as the City Administration of Zagreb and other big cities, but also with the governments of the counties (županije) at a local level. The embassy organizes bilateral meetings and supports official visiting delegations from Switzerland with regard to contents as well as logistics.

A regular exchange on bilateral and multilateral issues exists between the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whereby questions regarding European politics gained in importance since Croatia’s entry to the European Union in summer 2013. The embassy supports the implementation of the enlargement contribution to Croatia and is thus in contact with the Ministry for Regional Development. In general, the embassy monitors the economic, political and social situation in the country and reports on any relevant developments for Switzerland.

One of the most important areas of responsibility is the promotion of economic cooperation between Switzerland and Croatia and supporting the Swiss economy on site. The embassy is in contact with local Swiss companies and contributes to their networking and exchange of information. For this purpose, the embassy cooperates with the Ministry of Economics and Finance and with private organizations. Promoting tourism is also part of the tasks of the embassy.

Additionally, the embassy is encouraging cooperation in the areas of science, technology and education with the intention to increase cooperation between the two countries and to promote Switzerland as a leading centre of research. It supports an exchange of ideas between scientific institutions, universities and decision-makers in science.

In the area of culture, the embassy aims to improve mutual understanding and exchange. It strengthens important contacts in this field, such as with and between relevant cultural institutions of Switzerland as well as the host country or with individual artists. By organizing or supporting cultural events, the embassy intends to increase the awareness level and build bridges between different cultures.

Since 2012, all consular services for Croatia are provided by the Regional Consular Centre in Vienna. Nevertheless, the embassy still supports the social cohesion of the Swiss colony in Croatia and accompanies the Swiss Club Croatia in its activities.