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Project completed

The project aims at providing a dignified environment for seniors and seniors with dementia in the Senior Home and the Special Needs Home in Sobotin. The refurbishment of 54 rooms, common spaces and sanitary facilities together with the necessary training of staff and a reduction of the capacity of the institution will allow introducing an innovative model of social work (E. Böhm’s Psychobiographic Model). Thus, social services of high quality will be offered to elderly people in need of assistance.

RegionCountry Topic Period Budget
Czech Republic
Improving social security
Social services for specific target groups
01.05.2012 - 31.01.2017
CHF  1’449’430

Note: the texts under all the headings, with the exception of 'Results achieved', describe the situation before the start of the project.


While the demographic trends indicate that the number of senior citizens will continue to grow rapidly, most institutions offering services for elderly people are characterized by inappropriate facilities, outdated equipment and work methods
which do not correspond to the contemporary knowledge and best practices. This applies in particular to the disadvantaged regions in eastern Czech Republic, constituting the focus regions
of the Swiss contribution. As a result, the social services delivered often do not respect appropriate standards and, thus, affect the quality of life of the residents of these institutions. The Senior Home and the Special Needs Home in Sobotin are characterized by an outdated infrastructure which does not permit
to provide social services of high quality to its residents (seniors and seniors with dementia).


The goal of the project is to provide a dignified environment for seniors by setting up a comprehensive system of high quality
social care services. This shall be achieved by the introduction of an innovative and comprehensive model of work with seniors (Erwin Böhm’s Psychobiographic model) as well as by the
refurbishment of the existing buildings, which will substantially improve the quality of the care services delivered to individual residents.

Target group
  • Seniors
  • Social workers
  • Families of the clients

The project will finance: (i): Renovation of buildings II and III, including change of room layout (increase in single rooms from 24 to 41) and sanitary facilities; (ii): Thermal insulation of building III; (iii): Elaboration of methodologies of new model of work; (iv): Methodological support and training for 30 employees (financed from the applicant’s own sources)


Reached Results:  

  • Through reconstruction and new equipement, the services have been humanised with reduced number of beds per room, reduced number of users per one sanitary facility and new interior rooms for recreactiv and therapeutic activities.
  • All 54 residents have barrier-free access to their rooms, to the sanitary facilities and other common space.
  • 3 new methods of social work with seniors such as PBM, reminiscence therapy and basal stimulation are available on a daily basis for all users of the facility and contributed to strengthening the quality of care.
  • 31 employees were trained in the newly introduced methods of social work and change in the perception of people with dementia by the staff is observed leading to more dignified individualised care for senior in residential facility; the working conditions of the staff were also improved.
  • The executing agency was  very active in the efforts related to sharing good practice and experience among the other partner of “social” projects as well as with other institutions in the area of care for the elderly people.

Agency SDC
Credit Swiss Contribution to the enlarged EU
Project Partners Contract Partner
Foreign state institution
  • National State Institute North

Budget Current Phase Swiss Budget CHF    1’449’430 Swiss Disbursement Till Know CHF    1’440’244
Project Phases

Phase 1 01.05.2012 - 31.01.2017   (Completed)