Swiss Ambassador
Swiss Ambassador in Denmark ©DFAE

Dear Visitor,

A warm welcome to the website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark!

This website should provide you with some basic information about Switzerland and help you establish useful contacts with and within Switzerland. I hope that the knowledge in Denmark about my country will be enhanced and the political, economic, academic and cultural exchanges deepened.

Switzerland and Denmark have many things in common. Aside from our national flags with their white cross on a bright red background, we are highly innovative and well performing economies, with high tech industries and modern service sectors. Both countries are important trade nations, with their own specificities and different geographic locations - Switzerland in the heart of Europe and Denmark surrounded by the sea.

In addition to these analogies, both countries share similar views on the main challenges of modern society, such as sustainable development, environmental protection, healthcare, education, science and innovation. These numerous similarities should lead us to join forces and strengthen the fruitful and intensive co-operation between both countries, their governments, their industries, their academic and research institutions and, of course, their citizens.

It is the task of the Embassy to facilitate and enhance such co-operations and my team and I are fully committed to this endeavor. An Embassy is an open space meant to connect people and foster synergies and creative thinking. With this objective, we regularly organize different events. Nevertheless, I would like to invite you to reach out to us if you have any project, suggestion, question or problem.  


Florence Tinguely Mattli
Ambassador of Switzerland in Denmark