Bilateral relations Switzerland-Georgia

Relations between Switzerland and Georgia are excellent and characterised by numerous exchanges. Switzerland's support for Georgia focuses on development cooperation. Switzerland is also contributing to efforts to resolve regional conflicts in the South Caucasus.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland has had a presence in Georgia since 1991, initially with a focus on development cooperation. Since March 2009, it has represented the diplomatic interests of Georgia in Moscow and those of Russia in Tbilisi. With the opening of a new embassy building in October 2019, Switzerland's various actors will be brought together under one roof. This integrated approach will strengthen synergies among Switzerland's different activities in Georgia.

Treaty database

Government of Georgia

Cooperation in education, research and innovation

Swiss and Georgian universities have concluded a number of cooperation agreements. Since 2013, Switzerland has supported vocational skills development in agriculture, public administration and other sectors.

Researchers and artists from Georgia can apply to the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists, (SERI)

Peacebuilding and human security

Georgia and Russia broke off diplomatic relations following the conflict in August 2008. Since 4 March 2009, Switzerland has represented Georgia's diplomatic interests in Moscow and those of the Russian Federation in Tbilisi.

As a result of Swiss mediation efforts, on 9 November 2011 Russia and Georgia signed an agreement on the monitoring of customs clearance between their two countries. This agreement paved the way for Russia’s accession to the WTO.

Through its support for various platforms for dialogue, Switzerland strives to promote peaceful solutions to regional conflicts.

Development cooperation

As part of its 2017–20 cooperation strategy, the SDC aims to increase and diversify people's incomes in rural regions. In particular, it seeks to promote SMEs in the agricultural sector, access to credit and the establishment of a vocational training system for the sector. 

The SDC is also active in the field of local governance and public services. In addition, it is involved in disaster risk management with a focus on the sustainable development of mountainous regions.

Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Swiss Cooperation Strategy South Caucasus 2017-2020

Cultural exchanges

There is a lively cultural exchange between Switzerland and Georgia even in the absence of a bilateral cultural exchange agreement. Private contacts and initiatives are particularly dynamic in the fields of literature, music, cinema and the visual arts. Switzerland supports the Georgian cultural scene as part of its development assistance. The Swiss embassy in Georgia also promotes Swiss culture in Georgia, organising events during the French and Italian language weeks and in the month dedicated to the German language.

Swiss nationals in Georgia

According to statistics on the Swiss abroad, there were 69 Swiss citizens living in Georgia at the end of 2018.

History of bilateral relations

In the 19th century, there was a large Swiss community in Georgia whose members were active in the raw materials sector (oil, manganese) and the dairy industry. Switzerland had a consulate in Tbilisi from 1883 to 1922.

Switzerland recognised Georgia's independence on 23 December 1991 and provided humanitarian assistance during the conflicts that shook the country in the early 1990s. It opened a cooperation office in Tbilisi in 1996 and an embassy in June 2001. 

Relations developed considerably after 2008, when Switzerland assumed a mandate to represent Russia's diplomatic interests in Georgia and those of Georgia in Russia and began sustained efforts to mediate between the two countries.

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