Learn German

In today’s world, there is a constant need to update oneself on the happenings and developments in all corners of the globe, as these could affect us and our everyday lives closer to home. The whole world, however, does not speak one language, and to understand other parts of the world, hitherto unknown to us, we need to learn and know foreign languages. Learning a language is not just about learning words and grammar structures, but also understanding the culture, of the country where the language is spoken. Switzerland, with whom India shares a friendship dating much beyond the 60 plus years recorded officially, would like to reach out to the future decision makers of tomorrow i.e. the students of today with informative content on various aspects of what makes Switzerland the country it is today. It is keeping this in mind that the DVD ‘Die Schweiz heute’ was conceptualized.

Exercises have been didactically prepared for students learning German as a foreign language. The levels addressed are: A1 till B1+. The DVD offers a range of exercises based on texts and pictures, with focus on Switzerland. With the help of a «click» you will be directed to diverse topics, which will be useful for your class. For every level, exercises and corresponding solutions have been provided. These can also be printed and used. Wishing you lots of fun!

Author: Manveen Anand (for InDaF)

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