Bilateral Trade between Switzerland and Ireland

CH-IRL bilateral trade: a continous rise

Over the last few years, bilateral trade between Ireland and Switzerland has grown steadily, reflecting the close ties that both countries enjoy, not only politically and culturally but also commercially. The main goods traded either way between Switzerland and Ireland are chemicals, machinery, electronic components and computers.

2014 marks 75 years of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Ireland.

At the end of 2012, Swiss capital invested directly in Ireland amounted to CHF 20.7 billion (+20% over previous year. At the end of 2012, it employed 9'500 persons.

Trade Balance

Given the relative low level of exports from Switzerland to Ireland, the deficit in the trade balance has widened in the last few years to reach CHF 6'049 mios in 2013.


Imports from Ireland to Switzerland

2013: CHF 7'056 mios

Exports from Switzerland to Ireland

2013: CHF 840 mios