Migration remains a pressing issue for Kosovo. The root causes of migration are complex and further add to the fragility of the country and its population. Being a multi-causal phenomenon, addressing migration in Kosovo requires a multi-dimensional approach. As a first dimension, in the frame of the migration partnership established between Switzerland and Kosovo in 2010, Switzerland will support Kosovo in strengthening migration management authorities and support the development and implementation of better policies through the whole-of-government approach.

The second dimension will entail grassroots and institutional support for the social inclusion of excluded groups that are vulnerable to migration, with an emphasis on Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians (RAE) communities.

The third dimension involves the strengthening of the diaspora’s contribution to the social and economic development of Kosovo. These last two dimensions are an integral part of the SDC’s programme.


Migration has increased and become more complex as a result of globalization. SDC aims to make the most of the positive aspects of migration, while containing its negative implications. Migration can drive development if it is included in a controlled and targeted way in development strategies.

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