What Has Happened In the Meantime?

S. Gonchigsumlaa was featured in a documentary about how SDC's scholarships support students from low income families have access to higher education and secure better livelihoods through better education. In a decade, a film crew from Switzerland visited Gonchigsumlaa to find out if he succeeded to study well and build a better career.

"The Way of the Nomads"


A story of a young entrepreneur

In his early 20s, Ya. Chagnaadorj found himself at a crossroads in life. Unable to complete his accounting programme at a university, he had returned to herding. He couragously started a dairy farming with six miking cows. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur and produces packaged yogurt in Bayankhongor.

Ya. Chagnaadorj is but one of many young people to have benefited from SDC’s multi-faceted programmes aimed at increasing the employability of young people by supporting vocational education and training, offering career guidance counselling to job-seekers, and supporting youth-initiated start-up businesses.


Multiple Returns

This six-minute video shows how a relatively tiny investment of SDC, made in 2005 resulted in a profitable and sustainable project with multiple returns. In 2005, SDC responding to a request from local herders organizations, supported the construction of a 11 km long stone fence to establish a more than 1000 ha irrigated hay-making area in Tsengel soum, Bayan-Ulgii aimag in western Mongolia. More than 560 herder families to produce yearly up to 3000 tonnes of hay on this field.


Energy Efficiency Project presents the benefits of the retrofitting of the public buildings.

Benefits of Retrofitting of Public Buildings: Hospital in Duut soum, Khovd aimag


Benefits of Retrofitting of Public Buildings: Kindergarten in Jargalant soum, Khovd aimag


Multimedia: Voices of SDC's beneficiaries

In the new Multimedia Project, testimony to the success of SDC’s programmes and projects is captured in films, photographs and testimonies from those who have directly benefited and whose lives have been impacted.

Photographer D. Davaanyam from the Gamma Photo Agency travelled to SDC’s projects in western Mongolia in 2013. His images bear witness to the valuable work SDC is undertaking in Mongolia.

"Working to make our customers leave with a big smile"

Ts.Lkhagvasuren, OSS manager from Zavkhan aimag One-Stop-Shop Centre's Manager

"I know I won't be unemployed when I graduate"

G. Byambadorj and N. Darkhijav, students from Vocational Education and Training School, Zavkhan aimag

Monitoring of Brucellosis Control in Mongolia
Doctors and vets are working together for brucellossi control.

Dr. D.Erdenechimeg and veterinarian Ts. Gantumur

By Animal Health Project

Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a participatory media genre that privileges personal narrative, and lived experiences. It combines the age-old practice of storytelling with modern-day technologies for communication and creativity. It is based on the commitment that every-day stories matter, and every-day people have important insights about the world we share.

Equipped with a simple yet powerful tool - digital storytelling, staff from SDC in Mongolia share their experiences and tell the stories about the people whom they serve.

'Following the Veins' by D. Soyolmaa, SDC in Mongolia

'An Old Song' by A. Enkhjargal Education for Sustainable Development Project

'My Hero' by Ts. Enkh-Amgalan, Green Gold Project Manager

'Learning by Doing' by B. Zolzaya, Animal Health Project

'Bridge of Trust' by Ch. Bayarmaa, Green Gold Project Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 

Documentary: A Decade of Swiss-Mongolian Cooperation

On the occasion of the 10 anniversary of the Swiss Development Cooperation in Mongolia, we are presenting you the documentary that summarises the highlights and results from Swiss development programmes in the past decade.