Advocacy and Good Governance

The Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2017-2020, the governance outcomes will contribute to cohesion and stability by improving capacities to manage financial and natural resources at national and local levels.

We will work towards strengthen the competences of municipalities and districts to ensure good use of resources at the local level. Similarly we will support Mozambican civil society organisations (CSOs) to improve their internal governance and capacities to advocate for equitable resource management. Another important group of stakeholders in this area are the enterprises. Engaging with these will another focus, especially on matters such as conflict-sensitive business management and business integrity.

Promoting meaningful engagement between governmental and non-governmental actors on good natural resource management is another issue we will continue working on. Programme activities will also help improve equitable access to and use of land. This support also reinforces interventions in the area of income and economic development.

Governance Outcome 1: Decentralized, equitable and transparent management of resources by local government/state institutions and civil society organizations as well as enhanced business integrity.

Governance Outcome 2: Socially accountable, inclusive and transparent access to and use of resources thanks to constructive multi-stakeholder dialogue between government/state institutions, citizens/CSOs and private sector stakeholders.