In line with the FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors to increase external transparency about the partnerships entered into by Switzerland’s embassies and consulates abroad, we are providing a list of the current-year partners together with the events and/or projects which they sponsor below.

Some projects were financed through the Swiss Sponsors ’Fund (SSF), which is a joint project of the Swiss Embassy in Romania and the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Romania (CCE-R). The SSF is administrated by the Embassy and financed annually by CCE-R members. The SSF supports projects that promote Swiss-Romanian bilateral exchanges, reflecting Swiss values, skills and interests in various regions of Romania.

In 2022 the Embassy signed sponsorship contracts with (last update on 21.06.2022):

  • Advanced Thinking Switzerland GmbH
  • Nestlé Romania
  • Geberit
  • Winsedswiss Education Group
  • Gruia Dufaut Law Office

Partners for other events organised in 2022:

Carpathian Spring (Aqua Carpatica)             

  • International Children's Day 

Nestlé Romania

  • International Children's Day