The fees are set out in Article 46 and Annex 2 of the Ordinance on Identity Documents for Swiss Nationals (SR 143.116). These are payable in the currency determined by the Swiss representation.

Amount in SGD
  Identity card Passport Combined offer (Passport and ID Card Provisional Passport
Children and adolescents up to the age of 18 45.00 89.00 100.00 147.00
Adults 96.00 206.00 218.00 147.00
Supplement for the production of a provisional passport outside office hours - - - 37.00
Supplement for the production of a provisional passport on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday - - - 74.00
Delivery fee from Switzerland 14.00*  14.00*  14.00*  Local rate 
Swiss representation's delivery fee Local rate Local rate Local rate Local rate

The passport 10 and the ID card are posted separately (different places of production)

*These delivery fees are for forwarding from the place of production in Switzerland to the Swiss representation abroad or to the holder of the identiy document abroad.

Swiss Passport and Identity Card

Swiss citizens registered at the Embassy can apply online for a new biometric passport and/or a non-biometric identity card.

For Swiss registered abroad, please apply at your place of residence. You can, however, mention in the application that you are presently staying in Singapore and you wish to take your biometric data at this Embassy. 

Step 1

Apply online at

Swiss Passport & ID card

Step 2 

Your application will be checked by this Embassy. After approval, you will receive an e-mail invitation to make an apointment in order to come here and take your biometric data.

Step 3

Arrive to the Embassy according to your scheduled appointment. Your biometric datas (photo, fingerprints, electronic signature) will be then taken.

Please bring along your passport for identification and the respective fee (cash or cheque).

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by both parents or legal guardians.

Step 4

The passport and/or ID-card will be ready in about 3-4 weeks. When picking up the new travel document(s) at the Embassy during Office hours (Monday-Friday 09-12h), please bring along your old passport and/or ID-card for cancellation.

Please note: 

  • If the Embassy was not informed about your change of civil status, a new passport can only be issued after your personal file has been updated in Switzerland.
  • For travel to other Asian countries (for example Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia) a passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  • The biometric passport 10 currently enables Swiss citizens to travel to the USA under the visa waiver program. Nevertheless, you still have to register 72 hours before departure under ESTA
  • If you have lost you passport and/or ID-card, please make first a police report at the nearest police station before re-applying.