Federal Councillor Amherd to meet with European defence ministers in Brussels

Press releases, 12.10.2023

The Framework Nations Concept (FNC), a multinational initiative for the joint development of defence capabilities, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. As initiator of the FNC, Germany has invited ministers to a meeting in Brussels to honour the cooperation programme. Federal Councillor Viola Amherd will attend the meeting with her European counterparts and exchange views on the current security situation, in particular the war in Ukraine and the attacks by Hamas in Israel.

The FNC is a multinational cooperation programme that was launched by Germany in 2013 to promote military cooperation between European states. Within the FNC, groups of states work together on a voluntary basis in thematic areas of their choice in order to exploit synergies in their military capabilities where it is in their interest to do so, and to create platforms for information exchange. There are currently three FNC platforms, led and funded by Germany, Italy and the UK respectively. Switzerland participates in the German FNC group with Austria and 18 NATO states, because it aims to coordinate the development of capabilities in various fields.

Switzerland has been a partner state in this European cooperation initiative since 2017. It participates in FNC projects such as Mission Networks, in which countries can exchange experiences in the deployment and interconnection of C2 systems and their sensors. Another example is Enhanced Host Nation Support, which is a project focusing on providing logistical support for missions abroad, which is of interest to the Swiss Armed Forces in the context of military peace support operations, in particular SWISSCOY.

Strengthening the Swiss Armed Forces’ skills and capabilities

The Swiss Armed Forces are able to strengthen their skills and capabilities by participating in these cooperation projects. Exchanging experiences with other states also helps improve interoperability in international military cooperation.

On the occasion of the ministerial meeting, the 7th Progress Report will be adopted; the report summarises the state of development of the FNC’s various activities. The meeting is an opportunity for Ms Amherd to engage in bilateral exchanges with her counterparts. The war in Ukraine and the current situation in the Middle East are at the centre of these exchanges.

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