Cheese and grapes
Trade in agricultural products between Switzerland and the EU has been facilitated with this sector agreement. © Rolf Weiss

The 1999 Agreement on Trade in Agricultural Products facilitates trade between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) in this sector.

This is achieved by reducing tariff barriers (import quotas and tariff reductions) and non-tariff barriers (different product regulations and admission requirements) for specific product segments. The agreement has created additional opportunities for Switzerland to export its agricultural products to the EU, its most important trading partner in this sector, and vice versa. In 2022, approximately 50% of Swiss agricultural exports went to EU member states, while about 72% of its agricultural imports came from the EU.



  • Entry into force of the agreement on mutual recognition of Protected Designations  of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) for agricultural products and food (Annex 12 of the Agreement on Trade in Agricultural  Products) (01.12.2011)


  • Creation of a common European veterinary space and abolition of veterinary border controls at the Swiss-EU border1.6.2002: Entry into force of the Agreement (01.01.2009)


  • Entry into force of the Agreement (01.06.2002)


  • Approval of the Agreement by the electorate in the popular vote on Bilateral  Agreements I (67.2% in favour) (21.05.2000)


  • Signing of the Agreement (in the framework of Bilateral Agreements I) (21.06.1999)