Free trade

Crates displaying the «Made in Europe» label
The free-trade agreement (FTA) ensures duty-free trade in industrial goods between Switzerland and the EU. © EU

The 1972 Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) created a free trade zone for industrial products and governs the trade in processed agricultural products.

Industrial products originating in the territory of the two parties can be traded free of customs duty on the basis of the FTA. In addition, the Agreement prohibits the setting of limits on the volume of goods that can be traded (quotas) as well as measures with the same effects (e.g. discriminating selling arrangements). The FTA is one of the main pillars of the trade relations between Switzerland and the EU. In 2020, about 48% of Swiss exports went to the EU and 66% of all Swiss imports came from the EU.



  • Entry into force of the Agreement (01.01.1973)


  • Approval by the electorate and the cantons (03.12.1972)
  • Signing of the Agreement (22.07.1972)