Business activities in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most successful business locations in the world. It offers a favourable investment environment, a skilled work force, an excellent infrastructure and outstanding universities and research institutes. Taxes are relatively low and the currency and prices stable.

Professionals around a table at a meeting
Switzerland offers interesting opportunities for setting up companies and doing business. © Swiss image/Gian Marco Castelberg & Maurice Haas

Easy to start a company

In Switzerland entrepreneurs do not need special approval from the authorities or professional or trade associations to found a company. The only requirements are residence and work permits. Special permission or certificates are necessary to practise certain professions and to found certain companies. There are limitations in respect of state monopolies (railways, post office).

High productivity

The productivity of Swiss workers is high. Characteristics of the labour market include liberal labour laws, a light touch in regulation and a high level of social stability. As Switzerland is a multilingual country, employees often speak several languages.

Favourable environment

Switzerland’s geographic position offers an ideal economic environment. The country’s infrastructure is among the best in the world. Other attractions of Switzerland include the cultural diversity and wide choice of recreational activities.

Low taxes

By comparison with other European countries, taxes on corporate and personal income are low. Value-added tax and customs duties are also low. The tax system reflects the country’s federal structure, which promotes competition between the cantons in respect of taxes. The country has signed bilateral double taxation agreements to avoid double taxation at the international level.