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Important information COVID-19

Important information regarding the measures taken in Switzerland to contain COVID-19

1. Recommendation to stay home: The Federal Council calls upon its population to stay home and to reduce social contacts and non-essential travel.

2. Closing of public places at 7:00 pm: Establishments, including stores or markets, must close their doors between 7:00 pm and 6:00 am. They will also be closed on Sundays and holidays. In cantons where the epidemiological situation is favourable, these places can remain open until 11:00 pm.

3. Closure of restaurants, cultural institutions, recreational and sports facilities: These facilities are scheduled to close as from Tuesday, December 22. In cantons where the epidemiological situation is favorable, exceptions will be possible.

Cantonal measures: We also draw your attention to the fact that COVID-19 measures vary from canton to canton. We invite you to visit the website of the canton of destination to know the measures in force.

Find out about the situation in Switzerland: It is important to note that the current situation is constantly changing. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly consult the website of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).


Important information regarding the measures taken in Belgium to contain COVID-19

Mandatory quarantine after a stay of more than 48 hours in the red zone. All stays in a red zone will now be considered as high-risk contacts. As from 31 December 2020, all persons (residents and non-residents) returning to Belgium after a stay of at least 48 hours in a red zone will therefore have to be placed in quarantine. The quarantine can only be terminated by a negative PCR test on the seventh day of quarantine. In a few cases, strict exceptions have been provided (see press release).

PCR test on return to Belgium on the first and seventh day. Residents returning from a red zone and having stayed there for more than 48 hours must be tested on the first and seventh day of quarantine. From 2 January 2021, people will receive a text message on their return allowing them to present themselves at a test centre.

These measures come in addition to the decisions already taken, which included a more rigorous control of the Passenger Locator Form and, since 25 December 2020, a negative test to be presented by non-residents traveling to Belgium.


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