Swiss response to COVID-19 in BiH: Principles of Engagement

Position, 06.10.2020

1. We publicly support those representatives of the BiH authorities who competently and transparently strive to communicate evidence based information on COVID-19 and its consequences.

2. We provide funding for projects related to COVID-19 based on a thorough needs assessment and transparent criteria. We coordinate with state and entity level BiH authorities and donors to prevent duplication. We support the UN in its leadership role for coordination.

3. We consider requests for financing medical equipment related to COVID-19 only when the request is coordinated with the BiH Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue at the Ministry of Security.

4. We finance new projects in response to COVID-19 only when there is a financial and/or in kind contribution from BiH authorities and/or the implementing organization.

5. We specifically support our long-standing partner organisations having a network and know-how in providing assistance to health facilities and health workers. We also support those organizations having expertise in working with the most vulnerable people to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on them.

6. We take into consideration the gender dimension of the COVID-19 outbreak, as it affects women and men differently and increases inequalities.

7. We publish all our COVID-19 interventions on our website  and share the information with the UN and the BiH Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue.

8. We are willing to provide short term finance to address pressing humanitarian needs but insist on a longer term perspective beyond the acute COVID-19 crisis response.

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