Pafos2017 - Weaving Europe: the World as Meditation

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Saturday, 02.12.2017 – Sunday, 31.12.2017


Pafos2017-Weaving Europe-Eva Borner
© Pafos2017 Eva Borner

Weaving Europe: the World as Meditation

Attikon Cinema & Shelley Residence  16h – 19h 

INAUGURATION: Attikon Cinema, 2  December  2017 at 19h

This project deals with the art of weaving and critically examines the aspects relating to its history and its semiotics.

“Weaving Europe” explores the art of weaving as a historical practice, but also as a metaphor for the incessant de-weaving and re-weaving of the European identity. Starting from the art of weaving, already found in ancient times, the project studies the correlations between the historically formed weaving language and the modern visual art practices, especially those relying on digital technologies and new media.

The exhibition seeks to showcase ways in which modern art reinterprets the practice of creating objects from interweaving threads.

The exhibition enjoys the participation of important international visual artists, including Eva Borner from Switzerland.

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Location: Pafos