Swiss film, ORO VERDE

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Wednesday, 13.09.2017 – Wednesday, 13.09.2017


Oro Verde
Oro Verde © Amka Films Amka Films

Within the framework of Pafos2017, the Embassy of Switzerland has the pleasure to announce the open air screening of the Swiss comedy 

Oro Verde by Mohammed Soudani, 2014, 90 minutes

Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 20.30h

Cine Attikon, 41 Evagora Pallikaridi Street, 8010 Pafos

- in Italian with English & Greek subtitles – free entrance –

Pafos2017 programme details

Inspired by real events which took place in Ticino in the early 2000s, Oro Verde tells the story of Mario, an unemployed engineer, a victim of the economic crisis. Together with his gang, they consider the heist of the century: stealing a huge quantity of cannabis which was confiscated by the police and stashed away in a military warehouse and replacing it with hay. They hoped the plan would turn their lives around.

Location: Cine Attikon, Pafos