The Swiss Embassy in Budapest commemorates the victims of the Holocaust and the rescuers

Local news, 27.01.2021

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Swiss Embassy in Budapest joins the remembrance of the Holocaust today and we commemorate with honor the victims as well as all those who made efforts to save lives during these difficult times.

Hungary could not avoid the Holocaust either. Budapest was the scene of a collective rescue operation during the Second World War, in which many foreigners took part. Among the participants were various Swiss, such as Carl Lutz, Gertrud Lutz-Fankhauser, Friedrich Born, Eduard Benedikt Brunschweiler, Hildegard Gutzwiller, Otto Haggenmacher, Ernst Vonrufs, and Peter Zürcher. The self-sacrificing actions of these persons bear witness of the fact that humanity proves itself mainly in dark times.